Everton boss David Moyes is convinced Reading will stay up.

Ahead of Everton's trip to the Madejski Stadium, the Scot insists the game is a trickier test than the table would suggest.

Moyes said: "Any game in the Premier League is tough. I think Reading have had quite good results. You might say they've not by not winning, but they've had some really good draws.

"It's hard to win in the Premier League, as they're finding out, but the results have been better than they have been given credit for.

"You could look back at teams like Blackpool when they came into the league. By this time a couple of years ago, they were nearly top of the table, flying and making it look easy. But by the end, they couldn't maintain it and went down.

"I think Reading look as if they're just beginning to find their way in the Premier League."