Manchester United defender Jonny Evans couldn't explain their flat performance in defeat to Chelsea.

When asked why his United team-mates struggled to perform against Chelsea, Evans was at a loss to come up with an answer, simply stating his disappointment:

"I don't know; it's hard to put my finger on why we weren't up to our normal standards.

"We've had a hectic couple of weeks but Chelsea have been our rivals and we're disappointed not to get three points against them. Maybe they had more intensity in their play because they are pushing for a Champions League spot, but it is hard to say. I think they deserved their victory in the end.

"We got into good crossing positions, especially in the first half, but we didn't quite find our men in the box - maybe we should have got more men in the box. I think Chelsea set up to counter-attack us and they hit us on the break and we got away with it a few times."