Chelsea striker Samuel Eto'o has praised fans over their reception for Galatasaray ace Didier Drogba last week.

The most recent of those games brought Eto'o head to head with Drogba, while the win over Tottenham gave him a taste of the type of London derby he can expect today.

"I was very happy to see the reception he got," he told "He did many great things at this club. We are two of the great children of Africa and it was a pleasure to play against him. It was a shame for him that he lost but it was our night in the end.

"The game against Tottenham was difficult and it was also good,' he recalls of our 4-0 win. 'The atmosphere was fantastic. A derby is always a match you can take extra satisfaction from winning. The manner in which we beat Tottenham was really good too so it was a great day."