Samuel Eto'o is excited about the potential of his new Inter Milan strike-partnership with Diego Milito.

The former Barcelona ace said: "Diego is very strong, but this isn't a surprise for me. He has always been one of the best strikers also in La Liga.

"Playing with him will be easy, but I don't want to only speak about us two, because Inter have enormous offensive potential. Take Balotelli. I believe I can say that Mario is one of the best young players I have seen in my career."

Eto'o then expressed his desire to be known as a team player.

"I like scoring a lot. I am a striker, but I play for the team, not for myself, so everything I do will be for the merit of Inter and not just for Eto'o.

"Anyway I don't love remembering the goals that I have scored and how many I have scored. I think about those I will score."