Sven Goran Eriksson has all but conceded he will leave Manchester City at the end of the season.

After defeat to Liverpool, Eriksson paid tribute to the support he received from City's fans: "They are wonderful, especially when you see all the support and we haven't won anything. We are going in the right way. The side is improving.

"I expect to know what will happen after the last match. If you speak clearly to people, the situation will come out. If you do not speak clearly, it will not. We can wait a week. That is not a long time.

"I think we have done a good job. Before the season started we did not really know what would happen, and how the new players would react to the Premier League.

"We started well and we were high in the table and the dream of all of us was about Europe. Now that is finished.

"But to finish were we are is good. We are a very young team, a lot of young players, and they will be better next season.

"It is a good start. And if you compare where the club was a year ago you can surely see the improvement.

"The reason I accepted Manchester City was the project. It was a big club, but it was not doing too well. It is fantastic to build up something new, something better.

"We speak about the future. This club will have one, so will I have one.

"If you talk about targets, we cannot be worse than ninth. And if a small miracle happens next weekend we could be eighth.

"It is good. It would have been better to qualify for Europe, I agree, but next season that could happen."

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez also acknowledged the amazing backing for Eriksson from City's fans, saying: "They were good, very good."