England coach Fabio Capello says he's cleared the air with Arsenal winger Theo Walcott.

Walcott criticised Capello in his new book.

The Italian said: "I was speaking to him at Arsenal. I said, 'I prefer you as player than a writer'. He smiled and then scored a goal!"

Capello says that Walcott knew his threat to "kill" him was lighthearted.

"It was a joke," Capello insisted. "He understood the joke.

"In my life. I respect all people. You respect me, I respect you. There are different rules - you are the player, I am the manager. It's normal.

"When I speak with the players at the start of the season I always said this, 'My role is to be manager and your role is to be player. I respect you and you need to respect me'. This is important. I told him this."

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