Dutch legend Edgar Davids has backed England fans booing Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand.

The Barnet player-coach wrote in the Daily Mail: "Steven Gerrard was right, though, when he said England fans had the right to boo Rio Ferdinand after he turned down the chance to play for his country. They have paid their money and they are entitled to their opinion.

"I don't happen to agree with them, but we all think we're coaches and managers and we could do a better job than the man in charge, don't we? That's football.

"But Rio is a professional. He's an experienced player and he is perfectly capable of making the call about whether he is fit enough to play for England. When you're 34 years old you don't want to jeopardise the rest of your season to play two internationals in five days.

"At this stage in Rio's career, during a delicate moment for his fitness, he can't afford to take that risk. If he gets a long-term injury he's no good to anybody."