Dutch legend Johan Cruyff was full of praise for Wigan Athletic's performance in their FA Cup final win over Manchester City.

Cruyff revealed Latics boss Roberto Mancini is close to son, Jordi, the former Manchester United striker, and, of course, his grandson is in the club's youth team.

"They're under the leadership of manager Roberto Martinez, one of the best friends of Jordi and the trainer of my grandson, who plays in the Wigan seconds. Roberto and Jordi met in the nineties, when one was at Wigan and the other with Manchester United. Due to their Spanish background they met and became friends.

"Together they already had the same vision of football and therefore it is more fun to see what in the past few weeks has happened. The performance of Wigan was fantastic. The club with the lowest budget in the Premier League beat the team with the highest budget. A wonderful trick."