Drogba expecting better times for Chelsea

Chelsea hitman Didier Drogba believes the Blues' UEFA Champions League victory can be a springboard for success.

After a turbulent few weeks since the departure of boss Jose Mourinho, the Blues' crucial 2-1 win away to Valencia was just the lift the club needed.

Speaking of the Valencia success, Drogba told The People: "If we played badly, like we did in our previous few games, I don't think Jose would be happy with his team when he's sitting watching in front of his TV.

"We won in Valencia last year with Jose. People will say we don't need him, but the quality we have is the same quality we had last year, two years ago, three years ago.

"The man we all respected is gone and now there is someone else here. But the players are the same so I don't see why the quality should go."

He added: "The win in Valencia was the kind of game that can help us to come back strong and show people that we are not dead."

Keeper Petr Cech also believes the win against Valencia can act as a catalyst for success.

"It's been difficult for everyone in the last two weeks and I'm just happy for everyone because winning in Valencia is such a big step," he said.

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