Stewart Downing's representative says he is has no intention of talking about a new contract with Middlesbrough after rejecting their previous offer.

Having failed to agree a new contract with Boro, the England winger was ready to make the move to Tottenham.

But Boro have now been unable to settle on a deal with Spurs and have told the 23-year-old he will now be staying.

Some reports have suggested that Boro will look to open fresh talks with the winger, but his agent Ian Elliott has confirmed that Downing has no intention of entering into any new negotiations.

"Stewart has made his position quite clear to all parties at Middlesbrough - the chairman, chief executive and Gareth Southgate in private, so we are surprised by comments released by the manager saying that he has been informed that he is staying and has accepted the situation," Elliott revealed.

"Indeed he has two years left on his current contract, if he has to see out the remaining two years then so be it.

"We would point out that the previous offer from the club has been rejected out of hand, we will not enter into any further negotiations and the player will see out the two years and option his rights under freedom of contract at the end of it."

Elliott admits that the club have failed to produce a deal worthy of an England international.

"If the club value the player at £12,000,000, why didn't they make an offer reflecting that? Whilst this situation is not about money or contract now, the contract previously offered does reflect that of a player at that value," he concluded.