LA Galaxy striker Landon Donovan played the second-half of last night's defeat to Seattle Sounders, despite his swine flu scare. Mexican fans and media members were upset that Donovan played against Mexico despite feeling sick. Donovan defended his reasoning for playing.

"On Thursday I went to the doctor," he said in Spanish to Spanish-speaking media. "Wednesday, I thought it was the altitude. I didn't think about it. If I knew I was sick, I would not go to Mexico."

Donovan missed training on Friday and it appeared to have helped. When asked where his experience with the virus ranked amid adverse situations, Donovan downplayed the severity of his sickness.

"It's funny because when people hear the word 'swine flu' they go crazy and having experienced it, it's like any other flu that I've had," Donovan said. "There are obviously very serious cases but I think the majority of the cases are just like any other flu."