Didier Digard has blasted PSG as he prepares to join Middlesbrough.

"The story is simple. Middlesbrough are going to pay the 5million euros asked for by Paris St Germain," he told L'Equipe. "Normally, a transfer is paid in two instalments - so Middlesbrough pay 2.5million euros now and the other half later.

"But Paris need liquid assets. Paris want the 5million euros immediately.

"So I am irritated. It has taken too long. I am trying to meet up with the board but they aren't daring to make a decision.

"Quite simply, they are all incompetent."

He also launched a verbal volley at new PSG president Charles Villeneuve, adding: "When I think that he has even refused to meet the Middlesbrough chairman, who came over especially to sort this problem out.

"Mr. Villeneuve prefers to send someone else to talk. I am going mad. This club is doing my head in. I can't stay."