Chelsea boss Roberto di Matteo admits they have more attacking options after this summer's signing spree.

Marko Marin, Oscar, Kevin De Bruyne and the Hazard brothers have all arrived in recent months.

"I think moving between the lines and rotation can be an attacking threat for us," he told Chelsea magazine. "We had only Juan Mata playing that role last year, although Raul Meireles played there a few times as well.

"It just gives us more options for the team. It makes us more difficult to be marked and more unpredictable .

"However, we also need width in the game, so it's not just always coming between the lines, it's about giving width to the team as well.

"I think what's most important now is to integrate the new players into the side. Obviously, bringing in players with different abilities and qualities might change the face of our team a little bit as well, but we have to always find the right balance between attacking and defending."