Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has clashed furiously with Kaka and his father as he attempts to offload the Brazilian this week. Mourinho cannot believe Kaka's stand and has urged the player to move on for the sake of his career.

El Pais says in the last meeting between the trio, Mourinho asked: "Do you not realise that I am not counting on you?"

"No!" snapped back Kaka.

"Are not you going to do anything to relaunch your career?" declared Mou.

"If you want my son to go, pay him what you owe," barked Kaka's father, Bosco Leite.

Mou tried again: "If your son stays, he will be locked out of my project."

To which Leite replied: " ... your project - and Jorge Mendes'!"

Kaka has told his inner circle he regards Mou as "a very bad person", but there remains no guarantee he will leave Real this week with suitors AC Milan reluctant to meet his price-tag.