Derby County's Argie striker Emanuel Villa says he's using Manchester United ace Carlos Tevez and Liverpool's Javier Mascherano as inspiration.

Villa told the Derby Telegraph: "If you look back, English football's littered with a history of Argentinians who've come over here.

"Look at people like Tevez and Mascherano, who are doing so well now. It still took them a long time to settle in at the beginning. They are perfect examples.

"It's so different from the football in South America - you don't realise how much. (Luciano) Figueroa played at Birmingham and never really settled.

"But all I'm doing is giving my absolute best on the pitch and on the training field to make sure it happens as quickly as possible."

He added: "The Premier League is a lot faster. It is so fast and physical compared to South American football.

"That's the big difference. I'm learning to adapt styles all the time."