Deportivo La Coruna's senior leadership group says Gustavo Munua and Dudu Aouate will be welcomed back by the players - if they both apologise for their behaviour in recent weeks.

Juan Valeron, Manuel Pablo, Fabricio Coloccini and Sergio held a joint media conference yesterday to discuss the situation - which came to a head on Friday with Munua attacking fellow keeper Dudu in the dressing room.

While acknowledging Munua's attack, Coloccini said: "The blame is equally shared. There's been poor comments made by one (Dudu) and an assault by another (Munua). But there's no major or minor culprit in this."

Valeron added: "The coach has suggested Dudu is bad for the atmosphere in the squad, but that's not true.

"There's been comments made that have not helped the squad. But that cannot justify the actions of Munua. Aouate has behaved poorly, but he remains a good teammate."