Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey say he'll play anywhere to help the club after scoring in Saturday's victory over Reading.

"I didn't really start playing outside midfield until the last World Cup and the coach gave me the opportunity and I just wanted to take any opportunity I could. I got the goal against Ghana and I played decent against Italy," the USA international told fulhamfc.com.

"When I was brought over here that's what people saw me as but when I played for the Revolution I was an attacking midfield player and forward as well. I wasn't the target man but more the guy who was a withdrawn forward.

"That's really my most comfortable position but you have to do whatever you can to get on the field and I'm just happy that I'm on the field playing this season.

"When you look back on your career you just want to make sure you've taken every opportunity and I like to think I'm someone who has always done that in my career."

He added: "We've been a good side this season - if you look at the games up until the 80th minute we'd be in the top six or seven. We just have to work a few things out and not concede goals in the final five or ten minutes. If we do that we'll definitely get the points to move further up the table."