Daniele de Rossi has dismissed talk that Roma are in freefall.

The midfielder declared: "There's a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the players and the people.

"We are playing a lot worse than we are able to and that isn't a gratifying feeling. But for four years we have been excellent and as soon as we have a stutter people start talking about the end of a cycle.

"It all seems very superficial. And anyone who says there are tensions because of Spalletti's link with Chelsea is a joker.

"There's only one solution - we need to divide the responsibility amongst ourselves.

"The lack of Francesco Totti has been a factor but we all need to contribute and become heroes. Is being born in the capital constrictive to talented players? No, and to say that is a disgrace.

"To play for Roma is an honour and I am proud to be able to do so. I wouldn't be the same player outside the Giallorossi shirt because I couldn't play with the same passion."