De Biasi impressed despite Torino defeat

Despite defeat, Torino coach Gianni de Biasi received plenty of plaudits after last night's 1-0 home reverse by Inter Milan.

It was De Biasi's first game in charge as his Granata dominated proceedings but were undone by Julio Cruz's effort.

He said: "I thank everyone for their compliments, which should be directed at the team and not to me, as they put in a wonderful game against the top of the class.

"The result may be negative, but the statistics show we did very well indeed. With a little more luck on some of our many scoring opportunities, we could be here discussing a different result.

"I have been here for three days and a half, so I just tried to give the team some confidence, working on the simple things and the pride of wearing a Toro jersey. It's a shame we conceded that goal on a distraction."

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