DC United midfielder Clyde Simms turned down at least two European clubs in the off season to commit to MLS. "I thought about it a lot," said Simms, "and it was the right amount of money and security [with United]. Another thing is, I have a good situation here. I think a lot of guys go from team to team looking for a good situation, for things like playing time, enjoying where they're living. I've obviously had the playing time and I love D.C."

Dc United Head Coach Tom Soehn is clear why the team has a growing spirit.

"We went through a lot of adversity last year," he told mlsnet.com. "So many things that could've gone wrong that went wrong, [like] scheduling -- there were so many things that could've really deteriorated this group and even at the end when we were still out guys, the group really came together. I think we finished on a real positive and a real hunger to get back to work the following year."

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