David Silva is desperate to lift the Premier League title with Manchester City.

Silva has been pure gold as City have spent the last three-and-a-half months at the top of the table.

And he admitted to the Sunday Mirror: "Winning the Premier League was the reason I came to England - and it would be just as important to me as winning the ­European Championship and World Cup. Coming to City was a big challenge for me.

"Winning the FA Cup in my first season was a big achievement, but this is a great championship to be in because the competition is so intense.

"I think England and Spain have the two best leagues. But the difference is that over here there are more teams capable of winning the title than there are in Spain. That makes it more exciting.

"In Spain there are always only two teams in contention. In England there are many teams fighting right up to the death.

"I remember my first game against Tottenham very well - and I can tell you that a lot has changed since then.

"When I arrived at City I was not fully match fit after the World Cup. Now I am absolutely 100 percent."