Today, Sevilla followed Chelsea's statement yesterday by declaring that a bid from the London club had fallen short and Alves remained their player.

However, Alves' agent Geronimo Suarez insists he will eventually move to Stamford Bridge.

"We are expecting a solution between the clubs and are confident they are going to reach a deal," Suarez told Sky Sports News. "Sevilla have good reasons to maintain a hard position for the player because he is a star for them and they want him to stay there.

"Of course Chelsea want him, so both clubs at this moment need more time.

"It is not in my hands, it is in the hands of the directors of Chelsea and Sevilla, but we can hope the solution will arrive as soon as possible."

Suarez reiterated that Alves was eager to secure a switch to Stamford Bridge.

"He is determined to go there. He wants to close the deal as soon as possible," he said