Shane Stefanutto believes a community ownership plan could be the answer to North Queensland Fury's cash crisis.

The 30-year old left-back has committed himself to the Townsville club and is confident that the Fury will remain afloat in the A-League, especially if the community get involved.

"I hope to be here for the next two years, and a few more after that," he told The Cairns Post.

"No club has gone bust in the A-League and I don't expect us to be the first.

"I think the community will get on board the Fury and hopefully we'll have a successful year to come."

Stefanutto was adamant that a community-based ownership model was the way to go and keep the club going strong.

"On paper, it's the perfect model," he said.

"You get the community on board and they get to embrace the club and have a say in how the club is run.

"In our league, Melbourne Victory does the same thing and they are very well run."