is reporting that the Columbus Crew team plane last Sunday had some serious issues landing as it came across Hurricane Ike in the middle of it's scheduled approach. "When you have no control of the plane when you're in the middle of a hurricane it's not that much fun to be in," defender Danny O'Rourke said.

Pat Noonan explained the scene similar to what was captured in the movie Almost Famous: "That was frightening but we made it through it. We learned a little bit about each other on that flight such as who can handle a flight like that and who can't. Not many people can but, there's a couple of guys who kept the spirits up. There was a lot of silence, though."

Noonan continued: "Knowing once the wheels went back up -- because the wheels were out to land -- and when they went back up we knew something was wrong. The turbulence was the worst I've been a part of and not many parts of that flight were fun towards the end."

One thing the plane didn't do was affect the teams playing ability as they beat New York 3-1 with both feet firmly on the ground.

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