Colorado Rapids head coach Gary Smith is convinced that more time would have resulted in a win for his team instead of a 1-1 draw with New England at Gillette Stadium.

"If we'd have continued playing, we'd have won the game," insisted Rapids coach Gary Smith.

"It's not one of those games where we would have played all night and not scored. They were on their knees. We looked strong. We looked like we maybe had enough, but we ran out of time.

"Sometimes, when you score too early, it gives players the wrong signals," Smith continued.

"Suddenly, from a really bright start and lots of pressure, it's a case of 'hey, we're in front and this will come quite easy.' To their credit, they are a dogged, rugged team. They've not achieved as much as they have without getting back into games and showing their true professionalism. They did that tonight."