Joe Cole says his future is tied to Chelsea.

The England ace said: "I'm committed to Chelsea. I'll stay here for as long as they want me. The club is more than the manager, more than the players. This is a club I love and I'd like to be here a long time.

"I had the captain's armband for 50 minutes against Aston Villa and that was a proud day. I supported the club, I was a ballboy here, I played for them and came through tough times at the start and made myself an important player. I was very proud to wear the armband.

"I do feel, sometimes, if you're the only Englishman out there, you have a connection with the fans. I've been one of them and I know what it's all about.

"There have been a lot of changes over the last five years here, so it's important to keep the things that make ChelseaChelsea.

"There is a soul here and it riles me when people talk about Chelsea buying the League. I've never seen a pound note score a goal."