Gael Clichy has revealed the instigator of the 'huddle' which has become a regular footnote to Arsenal's fixtures this season.

Instead of leaving the pitch immediately after the final whistle, Arsenal's players congregate in the centre circle for a post-match show of unity.

According to Clichy, the ritual was encouraged by William Gallas.

"It's William," Clichy told Arsenal TV Online. "He is a great leader and a great captain and he made the decision to do something like this. We started last year and this year it is more noticeable because we are winning."

"As a captain he reminds me a bit like Patrick Vieira, he's an older player with experience, a great player, and he knows how to talk to each player.

"He knows whether to be nice to you or boss you a bit in the game and that's the best way to lead the team. With his performances too, everyone can see what a great captain he is."