Tom Cleverley says Manchester United players are desperate to wrestle back the Premier League title from Manchester City.

He insists United will be back next season bigger, badder and ­better than ever - and that winning back the championship will be TWICE as sweet.

Cleverley, 22, said: "The motivation is there, massively. It's our neighbours, our rivals. Nothing needs to be said to motivate ourselves.

"Football seems to be the only ­talking point in Manchester at the minute.

"When your neighbours are your main rivals for the league, you can't really get away from it.

"We've taken some stick from the fans in the street. A few 'Man City' shouts, that sort of thing. You have just got to grit your teeth and keep your head down.

"It hurts, but it would be even sweeter to take it back next ­season. There's been a bit of ribbing come our way, but to get our own back would be twice as nice."