Former Atalanta midfielder Luca Cigarini is delighted with his move to Napoli.

"I want to clarify one thing. The facts confirm that I have never refused this place. I had an important job to do in the European Championship and I asked the clubs to let me concentrate, but to say that I have refused Napoli makes me laugh," Cigarini told Radio Kiss Kiss.

"It's not like this, I deny it 200 per cent. I don't know who said it but whoever did is evidently sick."

Cigarini then explained where he would like to play and what number he would like wear.

"I was born a central midfielder, but I manage to express myself best in a midfield three. At Parma, I found myself very well in front of the defence.

"Then last year with Atalanta we changed to a midfield four, where I partnered Guarente in the middle and I felt great, so I believe there will be no problems in a three or a four. I am an ambitious person and I hope for a place in Europe. I don't know if we'll finish among the top four, but I really want Europe.

"I don't want to create problems, but, if it were free, I would willingly choose the No 21 shirt. However, it's only right whoever has been here longer has advantages. I arrived last and I will decide last, but this is the least of my problems."