Chivas USA vice-president Rodrigo Morales says the MLS club is looking to forge its own identity by using just homegrown players.

The Los Angeles club, which lends its colours and name from Chivas Guadalajara in Mexico, feel it is important to create their own story in the USA by adopting a more local community feel rather than taking the LA Galaxy approach of purchasing big-name players.

"We will play only with South California players," Morales said. "It will be the real thing - homegrown players through development rather than hiring stars.

"Sooner or later, 11 of our players will be from Southern California. We will have to invest a lot of money in development, but if we can achieve that the sense of belonging to the people of Southern California will be huge. They will be supporting their neighbor.

"We want to build a nationwide team, like Chivas de Guadalajara, maybe like the New York Yankees. If we can win championships and we have a real spirit in the team, we can have fans from all over the place. They will find in Chivas USA a real sense of this belonging and heritage.

"We will have a lot of advantages to other teams, in terms of the duality of Mexico and the U.S. and the possibility of having only American players. If we do it correctly, we will have fans throughout the country."

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