North Queensland Fury believes the chance of signing Socceroo Scott Chipperfield depends on his wife Stefanie. After clinching the deal with former Liverpool star Robbie Fowler, the Fury have set their sights on Chipperfield and with Stefanie wanting to attend university in the North Queensland area, chairman Don Matheson says the club has done the research Stefanie may need to decide.

Chipperfield and his wife are expected to arrive in Townsville within a week.

"I'd feel confident that we will know by the end of her visit, I think that's a fair assessment," Matheson said.

"She carries a fair bit of weight in that decision.

"And we've got the information she needs when she gets here.

"Talks have been going on for a fair while, we have always been comfortable with our position with Scott," Matheson added.

"The decision for him is to come home or keep a career going overseas.

"Whatever he decides to do, we will understand.

"But obviously we would be excited if he decides to come here."