Chelsea captain John Terry admits he's unlikely to follow David Beckham to the USA's MLS.

"I wouldn't want to come out here like Becks, even though it would be a great life," he told the News of the World.

"To me it's a great place to come for two weeks but I'm not sure about full-time. It's a long, long way from your family and friends and I think it would take its toll, especially after a few years.

"Sure it is a great way of life - all the beaches, the shops, the weather.

"And maybe in a few years the football standard will have improved, especially with Becks coming here now.

"So maybe, when I'm his age, it might be a lot better. But I'm not one for the celebrity lifestyle. I don't tend to mix with pop stars and the like.

"At the big Chelsea party here in LA the other night, I preferred to spend the night with the lads and check out each other's dance moves, rather than mix with all the stars there.

"That's why I don't think I'll do a Becks or even a Vinnie Jones and play those hardman roles in the movies.

"It's more likely you'll find me in a tracksuit as a manager back in England.

"I'm only 26 so it seems a million miles away.

"But I'm pretty sure I'll stay in England in the wind and rain and a long, long way from the sunshine and lavish lifestyle in LA."