Chelsea's Lampard laments youth of today

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard says young players today have it too easy, also believing they no longer have respect for others.

Young players today are disrespectful and don't appreciate just how cushy their lives are, according to England international Frank Lampard.

The now Chelsea star spent his days as a youth trainee cleaning the boots of the West Ham first team and being learning about respect, something he insists taught him valuable lessons about behaviour and attitude on and off the pitch.

"Sometimes I cringe at the way football has gone here with the young players," Lampard said in the Daily Mail. "Everything is easy. They don't have to clean boots any more, they drive BMW's, they get a very easy life.

"Sometimes they walk past you and don't give you a second look," added the 29-year-old of the arrogance of some of the youngsters at Chelsea. "I'd love to go back to the days of more respect and a kid going out and doing double training sessions - that's what got me where I am."

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