Ashley Cole has blasted England's fans who boo Chelsea teammate Frank Lampard.

"I was at Wembley and what happened before the game was a disgrace," said Cole. "He was booed when he should be shown respect. He's one of the best midfielders around. When I was at Arsenal, I used to watch Frank play and the amount of goals he scored was incredible, as well as the number of assists he provided, and he's popped up with the winner again.

"He's loved by the Chelsea fans and he always produces the magic we need. He's been brilliant."

After seeing Lampard hit the winner against his Portsmouth team on Saturday, manager Harry Redknapp said: "Let's be honest here.

"He's a fantastic role model, he's a good lad, he does more for teenage cancer than anybody and raises millions of pounds.

"People are jealous, don't ask me why. In this country, we like to build people up and knock them down. It isn't a coincidence that when he shoots he gets most of his shots on target, he spends an hour after training every day hitting balls."