Chelsea boss Avram Grant has revealed how Joe Cole is obsessed by his fitness stats.

The midfielder had run around six miles during the game and he is always among the first to look at the stats.

Grant explained: "Joe is running more kilometres in a game these days.

"Football is not just about running but you cannot play football without running. If you run more it means you will touch the ball more.

"Then it depends on you more than your opponent. If I see a player who I think needs to run more then we use the statistics to show him this.

"For Joe it's amazing because this year all the time he runs more and more kilometres in a game.

"I tell him to play, I tell all my players. I cannot tell you to play football and not be creative, especially the forward players.

"I want all my players to try and play creative and efficient football. You want your midfield to go forward and score goals."