Chelsea's Cech: Injuries don't concern me

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech says he refuses to live in fear of injury - despite fracturing his skull at Reading last season.

The 25-year-old Czech Republic stopper could have died as a result of the horrific clash with Stephen Hunt last October but fought back to both fitness and form in a matter of months after banishing negativity from his mind.

He told the Daily Mail: "The thought of getting hurt again never crossed my mind.

"If you go on to the pitch and you worry about breaking your leg, about breaking your head, about getting a kick to the face, you probably have a 90% chance of finishing the game with an injury.

"I have to wear the helmet again this season for medical reasons. I can't afford to take another knock on the head without it because the doctors tell me there is still a really high risk of it breaking again.

"But every goalkeeper is brave because every time you dive at someone's feet, there is a chance you are going to get hurt. There's no way of avoiding it if you want to play at the highest level."

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