Chelsea ace Frank Lampard was pelted by coins as he celebrated scoring his 200th Blues goal in yesterday's win at West Ham United. Sub John Terry was also hit by a coin thrown by a West Ham fan as he warmed up, says The Sun.

Cops are probing the incidents and Lamps said: "I wasn't hit by anything but I went quite close to the West Ham fans - it was the natural curve of my run!"

Chelsea's interim boss Rafa Benitez insisted Lampard, 34, did not deliberately incite Hammers fans who booed and abused him.

He said: "When you score your 200th goal, you don't think about where you run. You just celebrate.

"Afterwards, he realised it would be better to be in another part of the ground but I don't think he was hit by a missile.

"Referee Howard Webb said it would be better if the subs warmed up the other way. It was his decision."

A West Ham spokesman said: "We will be working with Chelsea to investigate the reports of missile throwing during Sunday's game.

"Any individual found to have acted in an inappropriate way will have to face the consequences of their actions, including the possibility of a ban from attending future matches."

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