Chelsea captain John Terry has played down talk of a rift with manager Rafa Benitez.

But it is clear he believes he could have a bigger part to play at the club when Benitez leaves Chelsea at the end of next month.

He said: "Rafa has said he's here to the summer and that's it. Whether or not he'll stay if we win the Europa League I don't know but it wouldn't do him any harm.

"If that's what he wants, it's what the players want as well.

"He's come in on a short-term basis and the players realise that. We've worked hard under him, been in a lot of competitions and been unfortunate in a couple of them.

"But, realistically, we should be winning trophies every season.

"If a new manager comes in, it's a fresh start for everyone, like it was when Rafa took over from Robbie Di Matteo. There were players then who were maybe out of favour who got a new lease of life. It was disappointing I was injured when Rafa first came in and couldn't show him what I was about.

"This season has been really frustrating for me in terms of injuries and not playing."