Chelsea skipper John Terry has urged Liverpool striker Andy Carroll to follow his example. Fabio Capello said on Monday that the Liverpool man "needs to drink less than others" if he is to further his career.

But Terry does not feel that will be a problem and has cited his own career as a template for Carroll to follow.

"He's a young player who's at a very good club with a really good future," the Chelsea man said in a number of national newspapers.

"He has still got to enjoy his time away from football. I'm sure he will.

"He's a really good pro on the pitch and good around the camp. I've made my mistakes, maybe drunk a little bit too much when I was younger and gone out a little bit too much.

"But, having gone through that, at 26 or 27 you maybe look back and are glad you did it then because you don't want to do it now."

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