Branislav Ivanovic hopes to be as successful at Chelsea as good friend Nemanja Vidic has been with Manchester United.

He told Serbian TV B92: "My first impressions are fascinating.

"I haven't seen much but everything until now is just phenomenal."

Vidic has made a huge impression at Manchester United since he moved from Russian football, and Ivanovic is hoping to take something from his experiences.

"I haven't spoken to Nemanja Vidic in recent days, but he managed to explain to me several things from before," he said.

"He warned me that I am facing a very difficult start, but as time goes by, it should become more easy.

"I have a period of adaptation in front of me that I must pass as quick as possible."

Ivanovic's first hurdle is to get up to match fitness as the Russian season finished in November.

He said: "I haven't trained with a team for a month, but I have worked regularly by myself. That's why I am not in full shape, so I would need to wait some time."