Chelsea midfielder Ramires admits he's happy to be playing for manager Andre Villas-Boas.

Asked why Villas-Boas has shown such faith in him, Ramires believes it is down to simple hard work.

"I think it helps because he knew me from Portugal but also because I always work hard and do the best that I can, for every trainer I have worked for," he told

"He sometimes speaks to me in Portuguese, like before a game or maybe in training, but most things are in English which helps me with the learning, and when I am on the pitch I understand most things anyway.

"I knew him from Portugal, I remember playing against Academica when he became their manager two seasons ago and I was with Benfica. They improved a lot in that time he was with them, Villas-Boas is an excellent manager and we spoke about him a lot in Portugal when I was there.

"Having the opportunity to meet him here is fantastic because I admire the work he did in Porto immensely, and the person he is as well means he is the best trainer I have ever had.

"He is always giving you strength and belief, supporting you and telling you what you need to do. He is absolutely fantastic, very intelligent and understands the game amazingly well. As a person all the players think he is amazing and he treats us all equally."