Chelsea legend Gullit: Top four failure would be MONUMENTAL DISASTER

Ruud Gullit says top four failure for Chelsea would be a "MONUMENTAL DISASTER".

Failure to beat United at Stamford Bridge today could see Chelsea trail the leaders by a huge 15 points and left desperately clinging to fourth place with other clubs breathing down their necks.

Gullit explained to the Sunday Mirror: “I was dismayed by the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti last season and can’t say I really know the reasons it came about.

“And I don’t understand Chelsea’s policies; there is a need for greater transparency at the club. If they are going through a ­period of ­transition, it’s extremely difficult to be ­objective and ­criticise.

“If they want to change things, you can only be objective over a greater period of time.

“But what are Chelsea’s real ­expectations? In the current ­climate, it is very difficult to say. Failure to secure at least fourth place and qualification for the Champions League would be a monumental disaster – however you dress it up.

“If ‘success now’ is part of Villas-Boas’s remit, then you ­understand fans’ ­frustrations.”

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