Chelsea legend Didier Drogba says he's joining Shanghai Shenhua to help develop football in China.

The Ivory Coast international insists the time is right to try and achieve something more than winning trophies.

"It was a professional decision based on what I've done for the last eight years with Chelsea and what I did in Europe, winning the Champions League," said Drogba.

"I think it was the right time to go to a different continent because as I've said before I love to travel.

"I love to learn and to see different cultures. So for me it's a very good experience.

"It's a challenge. People say 'yeah Chinese football is not so good'.

"Maybe it's a bit ambitious as a reference point to take David Beckham but people were saying when he went to America that it's not a good move.

"And what he has done for the MLS - the publicity - it has no price.

"So that's why I am going there as well. I want to do something good for Chinese football. I want to help them to grow and develop."