Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech took five years of study into his penalty shootout triumph against Bayern Munich's players.

How much did Cech know about Bayern's chosen five on Saturday night?

"Quite a bit because I went six times the right way for the six penalties," he said with a wry smile.

"I either guessed pretty well or I was ready to guess pretty well. I'd seen all the Bayern penalties since 2007. It took me about two hours to go through them all on a DVD, on the flight over. The coaching staff studied them too and we took notes. When it came to the shootout I then said, 'Guys, the notes?' But Hilario said, 'You don't need the notes, you'll save everything'.

"Mario Gomez hit the best penalty. I got close to Manuel Neuer's. But I'd gone the right way each time and it would have been impossible to have kept guessing right and not saved one. That's what happened. I got a touch on Schweinsteiger's, too."