Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech admits it's a downer playing in the Europa League.

Chelsea are at Sparta Prague tonight.

"It's not great that we're playing in the Europa League," said Cech. "We didn't want that but we have the chance to win a competition the club has never won. You can always find positives in a negative moment.

"People say it's not a great competition but if you win the Europa League you play in the Super Cup and we were really disappointed about losing that last year.

"We will all be missing the Champions League. I was watching Juventus against Celtic and you know you should be there but you're not. It is our own mistake. But once you're out you can't change it. We have to play in the other competition but I don't see it as something bad.

"We can become one of the teams who have won every competition. It is an opportunity to make history although it is history- making in a different way."