Frank Lampard has no regrets staying with Chelsea.

There has been only one occasion when he even came close to leaving after being offered the chance to follow Jose Mourinho to Inter Milan in 2008.

He admitted to cfcuk: "I was close to going to Inter. There was only one man I'd ever have gone to and that was Jose.

"It was a period where I had a bit of turmoil, I'd just lost my mum and I wondered if getting away would be a good thing.

"I'd thought about trying something different and that was a time when I wanted to get away from the normal things that were suddenly abnormal without mum around.

"But as time went by and after I'd been away for the summer, I came back to Chelsea and decided that I didn't want to go any more.

"I could have got more money abroad but there's not one moment now when I wish I'd moved.

"I think 'thank goodness I stayed' because now I feel that at the end of my career I will be able to say I have given everything to this club."