Frank Lampard admits he almost blocked Didier Drogba's famous equaliser for Chelsea in the Champions League final.

Lampard admitted he almost inadvertently denied Drogba his moment of glory at the Allianz Arena when the striker equalised with a bullet header against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

Lamps said: "I was at the near post and felt a 'whoosh' come right past my head.

"It's a good job I didn't get anything on it because I'd have flicked it over the bar or something.

"I was watching his first Chelsea goal against Crystal Palace on Sky the other morning and it reminded me just how well he attacks the ball.

"I remember at the time thinking 'this fella doesn't half power it' and now he's gone and scored a goal like that in the Champions League final in his last game.

"Without that goal, we lose the final. It just shows how much Didier has brought to our club over the years."