Chelsea defender David Luiz is seeking some good press from Manchester United legend Gary Neville.

The Brazilian brushed off Neville's 'PlayStation' comments, made after Chelsea lost to Liverpool in November, but said his performances do not deserve such criticism.

He has already posted a tongue-in-cheek message on Twitter saying 'Gary Neville I love u', which did not provoke a response from the pundit.

Luiz, 24, said: "I know Gary Neville in the past was a very good player but he sometimes needs respect.

"Gary Neville say bad, other people say good. I just need to show with my work on the pitch. I respond like this.

"When Gary Neville say this, (he) don't respect me. Now that the stats show I am up there among the best.

"I just know that in all the games that I am on the pitch, I just try to show my best ... I work a lot, tackle, I give my heart on the pitch."