David Luiz insists Chelsea are taking the Europa League seriously.

Some have questioned if the team are motivated to win Europe's second-tier competition after the highs of Munich last May. But it is not a theory Luiz is keen to entertain.

"You need to be a champion every day, not just in one final," he told the London Evening Standard. "Some people say last season you won the Champions League and now you only have this one.

"But last week I ate chicken and the next I day I had pizza. It's different food but still tastes good.

"I am very hungry to win titles and to give people many more good feelings and great moments. For sure, if we win the Europa League this year, we will have the same celebrations as we had last year.

"It's important we take Sparta seriously from the start. If anyone doesn't want to play this game, then they should stay at home."