Chelsea defender Gary Cahill says he's happy playing for manager Rafa Benitez.

It has not been easy for the players, with Benitez forever the target of unhappy fans, especially at home games.

Cahill said, however: "I don't think the atmosphere really affects us as players. Of course we are aware of what's been going on but it's our inconsistency as a team that bugs us.

"The manager is focused on what he is doing. Just like players, when things don't go well you have to keep going, try to turn things around.

"He is really thorough with the way he wants to play. But it is impossible with the amount of games we are playing. There could be something like four games in nine days over Easter.

"I have never experienced as many games as this but we have to get on with it. We know what we have to do. We want two trophies and we are capable of it."